Welcome to the Chilli and Pepper Blog

Alrightey, here we go! Brand new blog, not sure how good I’ll be at this but figured this can be a real nice way to share awesome stories of Chilli and Pepper, and whatever else is interesting!

Chilli and Pepper are our Bengal Cats born on November 28th, 2008. Chilli is a handsome boy who likes to play Fetch with wine corks and Pepper is his pretty little sister who is enamored with water!

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Tech kitties!

We finally got around to using the new washer and roomba, and boy it was hilarious to watch the kitties stare in fascination haha πŸ˜€

The awesome front-loading washer had the kitties’ full attention going round and round and round, and it was cute to watch them check out the roomba….you can see Pepper hunting it in the photo below and then Chilli doing a great job supervising the cleaning!

I am personally in awe of house technology – who knew floor cleaning could get so high tech?? The roomba is amazing – it knows not to fall down stairs or get entangled in wires or to get out of tight corners, wow! I mean, seriously? That is genius engineering work right there, totally useful and highly value-add. When I grow up, I want to invent something useful like that too!

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Another beautiful day

This was a really pretty weekend. I am appreciating the beautiful views around us more and more, and though I am not looking forward to the cold temperatures of the seasons ahead, I am looking forward to the pretty colors of Fall that will make everything even prettier!

I am feeling blessed with my husband and kitties – though we very nearly lost Chilli yesterday πŸ™ He was out for a good 4 hours past his curfew (sunset) – not funny, young man!!! You should have seen me around the neighborhood screaming like a crazy cat lady….chhhiiiillllliiiiiiii……chiiiilllliiiii…..! Sigh….not a pretty sight at all…

Pictures below are taken this weekend of them being cute kitties snuggling and napping together like good brother and sister πŸ™‚ and scenery of our lunch drive around. Beautiful day for having a picnic-on-the-go so we had sandwiches while driving around town. Music playing, windows down, cool breeze, great company, blessed life! We chanced upon a nice quaint little road that led straight to the ocean waters, and then saw 4 deers (including 2 small fawns still with white spots!) grazing up on a little hill during our drive back.

Ah! Beautiful world we have around us!!

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game on!

Fun read – gaming announcements at the year’s biggest gaming show, including announcements of Xbox LIVE on WP7 http://www.engadget.com/2010/08/16/xbox-live-launch-titles-for-windows-phone-7-finally-revealed-we

Chilli and Pepper have taken to attacking the sheepskin rug at home and yanking out chunks of wool. Didn’t have any interesting pics of that except a rug with bald patches….so here’s a picture of the kitties last weekend instead. It was too hot in the ferry line, so we took ’em out for a walk on leash instead and the smarties decided to cool off amongst the grass πŸ™‚

Notice that Chilli is really well camouflaged in the background? I am always amazed by how their coat blends in the wild!

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I wonder what they are dreaming about?

Montage of snoozy happiness…kitty joy!

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we love heated floors :-)

this is an old pic, but a nice casual one – kitties discovered the floor has radiant heat and is nice and comfy to collapse onto heh

oooo...it feels good!

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Kitties in action!

Chilli loves Fetch, that’s without a doubt. Especially with fresh wine corks, yes yes he’s quite the connoiseur. There’s a big difference between fresh corks with a slight hint of cabernet and day-oldΒ corks you know!

Check out the video: Chilli Playing Fetch

One more video of the kitties in action….we’re out of ideas where to hide stuff like toilet paper (before they get shredded to pieces) if they keep figuring out how to open cabinets, drawers and doors just because they saw us doing it.

See for yourself (and no, we did NOT train him to do this!)Β – Chilli cabinet

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Our Chilli Monster – is he smiling or growling?

Chilli’s famous half smile/growl πŸ˜€

Chilli lazing in the sun

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Love is a wonderful thing, blessed are we to have found each other πŸ™‚
Pictures from our trip to Hawaii, enjoy!

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Collage de Meowies :-)

All hail Chilli and Pepper!

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OMG my fav game after long days at the office

Kill kill kill! Muhahahaha! KILL!!!

Tesla Wars kicks butt! Super therapeutic, just keep jabbing at the screen to kill stick figures, bombs, machine guns, chainsaw-bearing stick figures with lightning strikes…explosion galore…ahhhh…

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