Another beautiful day

This was a really pretty weekend. I am appreciating the beautiful views around us more and more, and though I am not looking forward to the cold temperatures of the seasons ahead, I am looking forward to the pretty colors of Fall that will make everything even prettier!

I am feeling blessed with my husband and kitties – though we very nearly lost Chilli yesterday 🙁 He was out for a good 4 hours past his curfew (sunset) – not funny, young man!!! You should have seen me around the neighborhood screaming like a crazy cat lady….chhhiiiillllliiiiiiii……chiiiilllliiiii…..! Sigh….not a pretty sight at all…

Pictures below are taken this weekend of them being cute kitties snuggling and napping together like good brother and sister 🙂 and scenery of our lunch drive around. Beautiful day for having a picnic-on-the-go so we had sandwiches while driving around town. Music playing, windows down, cool breeze, great company, blessed life! We chanced upon a nice quaint little road that led straight to the ocean waters, and then saw 4 deers (including 2 small fawns still with white spots!) grazing up on a little hill during our drive back.

Ah! Beautiful world we have around us!!

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