Tech kitties!

We finally got around to using the new washer and roomba, and boy it was hilarious to watch the kitties stare in fascination haha 😀

The awesome front-loading washer had the kitties’ full attention going round and round and round, and it was cute to watch them check out the roomba….you can see Pepper hunting it in the photo below and then Chilli doing a great job supervising the cleaning!

I am personally in awe of house technology – who knew floor cleaning could get so high tech?? The roomba is amazing – it knows not to fall down stairs or get entangled in wires or to get out of tight corners, wow! I mean, seriously? That is genius engineering work right there, totally useful and highly value-add. When I grow up, I want to invent something useful like that too!

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  1. Deb says:

    Man, is THAT cute!! Glad you got a picture!

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